Based on over twelve years of hands-on research in a Texas licensed learning lab as well as extensive referenced research, the following attributes became the foundation for the book, The Tales of Fort Word, Texas.

Finally A Book With Every Kind of Reader in Mind:

The Tales of Fort Word, Texas has:

Large Font, Spacing, and Comic Sans Script: For the
Dyslexic Reader

High Vocabulary: For the Gifted Reader (5 dozen SAT words)

Repetitive Pictures: For the Short-Term Memory Reader

A Pictorial Lexicon: For the Visual Reader

Cartoon Characterizations: For the Language-Disordered Reader

Grouped Text: For the Speed Reader

Bordered Pages: For the Visually-Oriented Field-Dependent Reader

Red Highlighted Vocabulary: For the Attention-Deficit Reader

Preview Portraits at the First of Each Chapter: For the Analytical Reader

A Comprehensive Picture at the End of Each Chapter: For the Global Reader

An Illustrated Lexicon: For the Visual Reader

Alliteration and Rhyme: For the Auditory Reader

An Over-sized Flexible Cover: For the Tactile/Concrete Reader

A Humorous Storyline: For the Reader who Likes to Laugh

A Moral: For the Reader who Needs a Lesson in Life

A Mystery: For the Reader Seeking a Challenge

An E-mail Page: For the Opinionated Reader

Hidden Definitions: For the Puzzle-Minded Reader

Diverse Characters: For the Diverse Reader

A Memory Challenge: For the Test-Loving Reader (Do They Make Those?)

A Fun Story to Read Aloud: For All Readers Young and Old

For further information on specific learning needs and strengths contact:

Texas Association of Gifted and Talented

Learning Disabilities Association of America

International Reading Association

The International Dyslexic Association